Kjölur road

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In order to get to the north of the country towards our next hiking tour, we decided to take the highland bus, which follows the Kjölur gravel road between Reykjavik and Akureyri. It stopped at interesting sights and allowed for breaks which were very welcome as the dirt road was of a moderate quality, as was the bus, resulting in a very bumpy ride. Most stops lasted twenty minutes or so, enough time to admire for example the geyser Strokkur right next to Geysir itself, the one giving the phenomenon…read more

Chief Officer

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The last year or so, I was not very active on my blog and there was a good reason for that: promotion to Chief Officer. It was a rather big step forward for me and it demanded all my attention leaving not enough time and motivation for writing on the blog. Now, for the first time in many months, the ship has dropped the anchor and has to wait a few days before entering the port. This quiet time – anchoring usually is less stressful than sailing – allows me…read more


Laugavegur and Eyafjallajökull

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(Click on the right/left side of the image to see more.) The weather forecast looked very promising as we were heading out towards Landmannalaugar on a five hours bus trip. Once we had left the city, it became clear where the locals get their inspiration for all those colors: nature. Stunning scenery kept me gazing out of the window all the way. It was a special bus with high suspension and offroad tires to be able to drive through rivers and on the dirt tracks into the wildernis. Landmannalaugar, being…read more

Colors of Iceland

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This summer I fulfilled a long kept wish of mine, a visit to Iceland together with two close friends. It all started in Reykjavik where most Icelanders live. When one visits a foreign country, things are different, even though small things, they make all the difference. Things like extremely hot water from the tap. And the shower smelling like rotten eggs. Or cars having really big tires and being extremely big in general, even in the city. These small observations all point toward the rough volcanic nature of Iceland, one…read more

Impressions from within Castle Fraubrunnen

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The former monastery, in the early days named Fons beatae Mariae (Spring of the holy Mary) was founded in 1246 by the dukes of Kyburg. It later gave the town its present name, Fraubrunnen. From the 18th century on, the monumental building has had many purposes and is known as a castle, these days commonly referred to as Schloss Fraubrunnen. Not surprising for a building almost a millennium old, it has gone through many conversions and renovations to suit it’s inhabitants. The latest brought the building up to modern day…read more