An eventful year

By Fin

Dear friends, dear familiy, dear readers,

instead of writing each one of you a personal seasons greatings, I would like to spend the time to look back and consider what happened in the year now nearing its end.
It has been very eventful and it is with great pleasure that I recall all that happened. In particular our weddingday is amongst these special memories I cherish, closely followed by our honeymoon in Egypt.
Another special experience was the long-distance hike I did together with a friend, more than 300km of Eifelsteig from Achen to Trier.

I proceeded into the second year of the Master Study Marine Shipping Innovation. Although I enjoy challenging myself, it is still quite difficult to fit studying into my life next to the fulltime work and other things I like to do. Progress is slower than I had wished for but I figured that slow progress is better than quitting.

Finally quit my webdesign company Swissdesign, not an easy decision. It has been a great experience whereby I learned a lot and met interesting people but with a demanding job as surveyor and being married now, my priorities have shifted and I’d rather do a few things well than many things half-hearted.

Apart from looking back, I try to have an outlook into the year to come and commit to some resolutions. Last year I changed to eating vegeterian, as meat production is one of the main contributors to climat change, I felt that I could not justify it any longer to myself to maintain that habit.
My resolution for next year is to wrote a bit more on this blog and to read more quality articles instead of the short press release snippets of news, somthing which now feels a bit like an addiction. I came to that resolution after reading this essay which I can highly recommend.

News Diet (Rolf Dobelli, 2012)

Some improvements on the house are also planned, complete insulation, renewal of the roof and terrace and new windows and front door. That should bring us further towards a more comfortable home.

Living with my wife Inge is great and I look forward to our next year together. And being married can bring beautiful surprises keeping life exciting.

Es guets nöis! Gelukkig nieuw jaar! Happy new year!

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