Pacific Crest Trail

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This summer, I spent about 10 days with Iris on the Pacific Crest Trail starting in Yosemite National Park and leaving again from South Lake Tahoe. About the day to day events, you can read Iris’ blog and I will refrain from repeating what she has written. Instead here is a general impression in a few words and in a small gallery.

Half Dome

Steep mountain? So what? The shortest way from A to B is in a straight line…

Even before touching down in Fresno, I could see how straight forward the United States are organized. Fields stretch for hundreds of miles in perfect chessboard patterns and cities are laid out as grids. Somehow, curves and bends are very rare, except in mountainous areas. But even there, for example the path up Half Dome, America’s preference for straight lines showed itself. The path is a perfect line as drawn by a ruler, never mind the gradient of about 100%…

During all my time in the United States, my encounters with the people were extraordinarily friendly, showing a great deal of interest and helping out where possible. To take your time and have a chat wile passing each other on the trail is very common, something which is in Europe more of an exception. It all made me feel welcome where ever I was.

Impressions from the Pacific Crest Trail

I knew that we would be in uninhabited wilderness for many days in a row but to experience the rough nature knowing that the next town is several days hiking distance away was truly amazing and a first time experience for me.

Flowers along the way

On the trail so many flowers were unknown to me so I grew the habit of taking pictures of all of them. Below just a small selection of the best pictures. Hope you enjoy!

It is great that I could join Iris on her long trail and have a small insight in what she is going through for all these months. I really respect her for that, what an challenge she gave herself! It was also nice to be able to spend time together as we are friends for many years.

If you are interested in her stories, take some time to read her blog, I can really recommend it.