Nau mai Haere mai ki Aotearoa

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I was happy when I saw those words above the immigration police desks. “Welcome to New Zealand”! After a 25 hour flight and a few hours waiting at Dubai and Brisbane I had finally arrived. So did my luggage, which was extensively checked by the environmental police. Soon Iris arrived as well together with her travel-mate to pick me up.

Instead of a culture shock I experienced a temperature shock, comfortable 25°C and sunny weather. Perfect to spend some time at a beach close by in Orewa where we also stayed at the camping. A nice place for me to acclimatize and get some rest.

In the mean time we got to know Auckland as well, tomorrow we will pick up our rental car and begin our journey southwards. Underground river rafting, tasting Maori food, visiting relatives, climb up a glacier, go kayaking in the Fiordlands, skydiving and hikes through national parks and nature reservers are some of the things planned. Of course I will keep you updated through this blog.