Kjölur road

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In order to get to the north of the country towards our next hiking tour, we decided to take the highland bus, which follows the Kjölur gravel road between Reykjavik and Akureyri.
It stopped at interesting sights and allowed for breaks which were very welcome as the dirt road was of a moderate quality, as was the bus, resulting in a very bumpy ride.
Most stops lasted twenty minutes or so, enough time to admire for example the geyser Strokkur right next to Geysir itself, the one giving the phenomenon it’s name. Also the waterfall Gullfoss was paid a visit, one of the most popular attractions of Iceland.
The longest pause was at the Hveravellir hot springs, it allowed for a very relaxing bath while pitch-black clouds and ligtning decorated the surrounding skies.

The road stretched sheer endless over the plains between the two huge glaciers Langjökull and Hofshökull and the sun through the clouds made the vista’s mystical.
After a long day and a ten hour ride we arrived in the Capital of the North, Akureyri.

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