Colors of Iceland

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This summer I fulfilled a long kept wish of mine, a visit to Iceland together with two close friends. It all started in Reykjavik where most Icelanders live. When one visits a foreign country, things are different, even though small things, they make all the difference. Things like extremely hot water from the tap. And the shower smelling like rotten eggs. Or cars having really big tires and being extremely big in general, even in the city. These small observations all point toward the rough volcanic nature of Iceland, one can feel, see and smell the energy within the the land. But not only the land, the people, somehow they are more eccentric, more vivid…

This is clearly visible in the city: Icelanders love color, the brighter the better, it seems. So I started to pay particular attention to these creative statements and I made this small series of pictures during our few days in the most northern capital of the world.

We used the first day to get our bearings, buy some bus tickets and set out a rough plan for the two weeks. We bought provisions and some additions to our outdoor gear so we would start well prepared with the popular five days hike in the south: The trail from Landmannalaugar to Skogar.

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