Greener, bigger, Prins Hendrik

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The latest addition to the Anthony Veder fleet are the three LPG carriers Prins Hendrik, Prins Maurits and the Odin previously owned by BW Maritime. Hence the green colour but that should change to orange during the next docking. Did you know that this bright green colour was specially developed by BW after research had proven it to be the most relaxing colour to look at? Soon we will have to live with orange which is also fine as it has its origin in the past when the company started with its passenger service ‘Oranje Lijn’.

Anyway, I have the honour to be second officer on the Prins Hendrik sailing mostly between Mongstad, Norway and the United Kingdom. The ship is quite a bit larger than the ships I used to sail on but for the nature of the work there is not that much difference. We get a little exta money for the additional responsibility which is welcome of course. Because the ship still needs adjustments to company standards, the work load is quite a bit higher. This leaves me not so much energy in the evening to write to all of you in person and I am sorry for that! I hope this post will make up a bit.

Apart from larger tanks and overall a longer ship, the accomodation is more spacious. There is a gymnasium on board which I enjoy using almost every day. The daily work is not that physical so I have to find other ways to stay healthy. In Mongstad I use to go for a run whenever the schedule allows me to do so. Beyond the gates of the oil rafinery lies beautiful landscape with woods, small lakes and pitoresque Norwegian wooden houses. Also in Sweden it is nice to go ashore but unfortunately we went there just once.

When I joined the ship, I had to stay in a hotel in Bergen for a night. It gave me the opportunity to visit the city centre which is already quite familiar to me from my earlier visits. The weather was extraordinary good, sunny with just a few clouds. This is worth mentioning because it rains in Bergen most days of the year. The city is used to it though, one can find umbrella vending machines, umbrella repair shops and even a shoe shop specialized in the latest rubber boots fashion.

Now we mostly visit United Kingdom ports and last week we even sailed around the whole isle along Ireland and Schotland. We might visit Rotterdam once more in the upcoming weeks and if we do so, you are welcome to come visit me on board. Until then, you can see some pictures, please find the link to the gallery on the right side. I might have forgotten some interesting things about this ship, feel free to leave a comment below and I will do my best to tell you more. Promise!